BC Rising – Adrienne’s Overview

Adrienne presents for BCRising

Adrienne speaks on behalf of COAP with local group Bc Rising.

If you wish to learn more about their initiatives visit their website at www.bcrising.ca

5 thoughts on “BC Rising – Adrienne’s Overview”

  1. Adrienne, you are amazing. What a lot of good work you and your partners have done. North Cowichan is very blessed to have you.

  2. I just came up on your group from united.ca. I live in Victoria BC and our streets are being taken over under the guise of going green ,bike lanes. These corporations are unelected that our Victoria City Corporation has made unlawful agreements with. Is this not a Violation of our Constitution to be able to move freely. We have been penned in like livestock and a vehicle is barely able to navigate around all the apparatus on our road ways. What can we do to stop these people from furthering their unlawful authority over us. Would a court injunction be an option? Serve the councillors with Notice of Liability? I’m just trying to provide some ideas .

    Thanks so Much , Victoria BC.
    M. Sarah Underwood

    1. Sarah, my name is Darcy Martens and I plan on giving this group some Atom Bomb truths! We the People have the answer and I will help.

  3. Bonds are another way of taking Councils to task…they have not been taking oaths or are they bonded as is the Law.

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