Embrace the power of community and find your tribe—the like-minded souls who share your passions and dreams. Discover long-lost friends right in your own backyard, in this grassroots, small-town haven, where the middle-class, hardworking spirit unites us all. Whether you’re a dreamer or a doer, ignite motivation and inspiration, surrounded by kindred spirits who propel you forward. Start your own group, work hand in hand with your community, and create stories of resilience, forging bonds that withstand time. Leave a legacy echoing through the ages, as you embrace the strength of community, charting a journey that’s uniquely yours. This is your opportunity to connect, inspire, and shape the future—empowered by the support of your very own tribe.

Find existing groups and organizations.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, sometimes you can start halfway down the track! Many communities have smaller groups already established and perhaps you just haven’t heard of them yet. A simple search online either via your favourite search engine, Reddit, or Facebook might reveal some existing groups you can join and get yourself a leg up. It never hurts to browse a few community hall bulletin boards as well, not every group has an online presence so you may find yourself digging around old flyers and posters to acquaint yourself with the community you’re searching for.

Social media, apps, newsletters, everything in-between.

Aside from the obvious locations, as mentioned above Facebook, Reddit, etc, you may also find community members through lesser-known apps such as Zello, Signal, Zoom, or Telegram. These apps may be a little harder to navigate but often have active members. Many of these apps offer text messaging, calling, and voice memos, which aren’t as easy to use in services such as Facebook or Reddit. 

Start your own, be the example others can look to.

Perhaps you’re a trailblazer and no groups exist in your community, that’s okay! Why not be the first to get things rolling? Many people use a sort of shotgun technique, trying lots of websites, apps, social media platforms etc. The best one to use is the one you’ll actually keep updated. We ended up making many social media profiles, but ended up using Substack and YouTube the most. Perhaps you may use Twitter, or Reddit, whatever suits your style is the one you should go with.

You will need to consider your audience as well, as you meet people it’s possible your core community group is already used to a certain app or service and you may have fewer growing pains by adopting that method. At the end of the day, you’ll want to balance what you’re capable of doing with the engagement of your audience.