COAP Podcast

What's coming?

Ah, the moment has arrived. We’re launching a podcast, folks. Excitement? Check. Nerves? As if we’d admit it. But here we are, teetering on the edge of this new audio abyss, all because you – yes, you – wouldn’t stop flooding our inboxes. “Please start a podcast,” you pleaded, between lines of unsolicited advice and the occasional recipe swap. We get it; our words in your ears is the dream.

You’ve twisted our arm (figuratively, thanks for that). We’re doing it. We’re thrilled, you’re apparently over the moon, and together, we’re about to embark on a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is unavoidable.

Details? Oh, they’re simmering away, soon to be served with a side of flair. Our inaugural foray into the world of podcasting will grace our YouTube page, with ambitions to conquer other platforms, because why stop at world domination?

Your support has been, well, overwhelming. Keep those cards and letters coming (but maybe ease up on the email). Stay tuned, and thanks for pushing us off this particularly talkative cliff. Here’s to whatever this becomes!