Farmers’ protest reaches Cowichan Valley!

Vancouver Island Farmers standing up!

Around 50 farm vehicles showed up in support of farmers regarding the Cowichan Bay Estuary project, which we’ve written about a number of times over the course of this past year.

See Land keepers townhall:

Also related Land Keepers overview of the Cowichan Bay Estuary Project:


Farmers in the Cowichan Valley have been pushing back against government overreach since earlier in 2023, when water restrictions sent Resource Officers to private land to threaten fines for watering crops. We’ve been following this story along with the local group Land Keepers Society, started by Jack Mcleod.

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  1. All Canadians young and old, Farmers, all Business,trades must come together and join forces to do a National Strike to bring Canada to a grinding halt until our human rights and constitution & freedoms are reinstated. . We are being dictated to by unelected UN, Who, WEF and other corporate entities that the Canadian people did not elect. We must come together to reinstate the Rule of Law.

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