North Cowichan Considers Cancelling Natural Gas

North Cowichan Council pulled an email for review, the email suggests residents of North Cowichan are confused over the term ‘Natural Gas’ and wish for it to be renamed to ‘Fossil Gas’.

While we expect to see suggestions like this coming from the far left extremists, we found it particularly interesting that a North Cowichan council member pulled the email for review at all.

Here’s the email in question

To add insult to injury, the author of the letter, Eddie Dearden, included some transcripts of conversations he’s had. We can only assume he targetted some 2nd-grade students for his case study, as you’ll likely agree once you see them.

Since the premise of the email suggests citizens in the valley probably don’t know what natural gas is, we hit the streets to ask actual North Cowichan residents if they knew what natural gas is.

Watch the video, along with our presentation to the council here.

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