Facial Recognition

We are presenting this petition on behalf of North Cowichan Residents, as well as visitors to North Cowichan for instances such as regular shopping, commuting through, and citizens who enjoy the beauty of North Cowichan.​


We reject any and all facial recognition hardware and software to be implemented within North Cowichan Boundaries, as well as a moratorium on any further cameras in neigbourhoods.

The Signatories attached request a bylaw be adopted that includes the words, or an appropriate variation of:

  1. Facial Recognition software is outlawed in the North Cowichan boundaries
  2. No public or private entities shall install hardware on any public roadways, parks, schools, or publicly funded parks containing facial recognition abilities.
  3. All software that works with facial recognition hardware is rejected from all municipal locations such as the municipal hall, and municipal worker’s phones.
  4. No provincially funded or provincially subsidized company, such as B.C. Hydro, be given the authorization to install facial recognition on the infrastructure they maintain; ie street lights.
  5. Council will not accept Provincial or Federal grants that include facial recognition software or hardware installation included in the wording or in the caveat to accept the grant.
  6. Any and all hardware that may use other verbiage such as “ license plate scanners” be outlawed on public infrastructure.
  7. Reject any contract to place camera hardware, air pollution, or noise indication hardware onto the LED streetlights.

Through interactions with the council, we understand the 15-minute city ideology is planned for multiple regions within North Cowichan. We recognize that 80 percent of North Cowichan residents commute outside their zone and cannot find appropriate employment within 15 minutes of their homes. As well, the businesses within these 15-minute zones depend on clients from outside these areas to keep their businesses afloat. Additionally, we question the current vision as it pertains to schools. The growth centers, while marketed toward families, could not sustain the additional students that these growth centers have planned, causing children to be taken elsewhere for education.

As we look internationally for examples of implementing the ‘15 min city’, ‘urban containment boundaries’, ‘growth centers’, and smart cities’, we see infrastructure being used to keep people within their 15 min zones. One of the monitoring infrastructures being implemented is facial and license plate recognition hardware and software. 

We have found that the new LED lighting North Cowichan and BC Hydro quietly installed, without public consultation, has the ability to add multiple cameras “for safety”, traffic ‘analysis’, noise monitoring, speed monitoring, and air pollution attachments to them with simple tool-less installation system. 

As North Cowichan’s community plans around drug and mental health needs only seem to be making issues worse each year, we know that these cameras and monitoring hardware may be installed under the guise of ‘for your safety’, which we reject as well.

We, the undersigned, do not agree to any form of monitoring in our neigbourhoods, roadways, or public spaces. We do not consent to using our personal data, via any software programs to track or trace our movements within our region.

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