Explain Climate Emergency – North Cowichan

We’ve written North Cowichan a few times to better understand the ‘Climate Lens’ all policy and decisions filter through.

The staff has confirmed the council did not provide a definition for any of these things, nor do they explain what it means.

Now we wait for a response from the Environmental team, specifically Jennifer Aldcroft, North Cowichan’s Climate Change Specialist.

Original letter sent to North Cowichan

Follow up to Jennifer Aldcroft

2 thoughts on “Explain Climate Emergency – North Cowichan”

  1. We are suffering the same blind-folded mentality here in Nova Scotia. It is unbelievable just how gullible some folks are. Without climate change, we would still be under a mile or so of ice. Can anyone explain which man-made carbon contribution caused the ice to recede? If there is none, why do we assume after this gargantuan change in climate, our efforts can now completely stop the march of time and change?

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