Climate Crisis – Climate Lens

After local governments declared a “climate crisis” in 2019, all policy was altered and revamped to institute a direction that all current and future tax discussions, and Official Community Plans, Transportation Plans, must now meet arbitrary ‘goals’, that are not concrete, but presented as a ‘climate lens’ for the greater good.

Taxes fund the Climate Action & Energy Plan, and North Cowichan just voted to place another $173,000 of taxpayers’ funds into this budget, even though it has a balance of $600,000. This tax is allocated without public input. Could we have given taxpayers a break during this increasing recession as a substantial balance is still available?

What about climate research?

Multi-trillions of taxpayer dollars are spent globally based on an impending “climate emergency”. Local governments get grants from the Province and The Federal Government to entice them into following a certain path for all communities, no matter where they are based, what their current ecosystem contains, or if these plans fit local demographics.

As we see some countries beginning to remove themselves from the United Nations sustainability goals, ( See: RiotTimes Article ) we ask, “Will Cowichan residents need to change their entire way of living to meet these goals?”, “Are these goals relevant in their community?”, and “Are these agendas based upon universally agreed upon science?”

Many local NGOs and non-profit groups throughout our country ( and the world) are pressuring local governments to declare a climate emergency.

Who are these groups? Where does their funding come from?

As we see locally, Cowichan Climate Hub pressured local governments to make such a declaration (which is a subsidiary of Transition Network). These groups align with federal and global initiatives.

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