North Cowichan – NGO’s, WEF, UN

It’s not often we get to hear or see some of these terms hitting our local council. We can’t wait to see how the comments are spun online.

In the meantime take a listen for yourself as Adrienne speaks on behalf of our concerned community, as top-down and global directives sneak their way into the local voting booths.

4 thoughts on “North Cowichan – NGO’s, WEF, UN”

  1. Thankful I found COAP, and that our community is standing up against WEF and the UN. It gives me hope that not all are blindly following the AGENDA.

  2. Many elected officials are simply staying in the present language flow without any thought. But since I haven’t heard them talk about “swag” yet, I’m hopeful. Unfortunately, by the time we get some swag it will be just a crumb of bread we will all be in desperate desire of. If they could just slow down and look deeply into the blinded words they use, we all be better off.

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