About COAP

Who Are We?

It takes an entire community to do what we do. Regardless of who ends up creating the next thing, submitting the form, dotting the ‘i’ or crossing a government official… It is, and always will be, a team effort.

With that said, there are two of us that put in the most wrench time. The most kilometers, drone flights, interviews, and wear out the most shoes.

Joseph Enslow

The self-appointed and official nerd of the team. Since the team consists of just two people officially, I suppose we’re half nerd.

As a busy father of 3, time is a precious commodity. There’s nothing I love more than being able to handle things myself so I’m not waiting on someone. That’s why I handle our social media, website, software, apps, filming, audio, integrations, design… If it runs on batteries, plugs in, has a screen, or you can yell at it, I’m probably using it, fixing it, or building it.

My career is in leadership, team building, and analytics. After nearly 16 years in the industry I can safely say there isn’t much I haven’t encountered for myself.

Adrienne Richards

The voluntold ‘face’ of the whole thing. Adrienne has a list of skills and talents that can only be acquired through a life of dedication, heart, and desire to perfect her craft.

With a history of media, design, and film, Adrienne has developed the perfect mix of production and design. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and jumps into almost any situation with an expanded friends list afterwards.

With a career in film, media, and contract research, she brings the human touch to the team, ensuring we remain connected to what matters most, family and community. If you’ve connected with us, there’s a 96.3% chance you’ve already interacted with Adrienne.

How about a little history?

Adrienne and I (Joseph) met through family friends. We were just a couple of friendly folks sharing some stories, going on a walk or two, and enjoying our neighbourhood. As time went forward, and families became closer, as they often do, we discovered we had a lot more in common. Somehow, we both decided to take our passion for community and family and run for the local council. As complete newcomers to the situation I think I can safely say we were equally inspired and taken back by the voices of the community.

The tales ran as far wide as one could imagine, on one end we met people with tears in their eyes, hurt in their souls, and concern for the future. On the other end we discovered lies, deceit, and political tactics we thought were reserved for the big (Federal) game.

When the dust settled we did not win a seat on the local council, we did gain hundreds of friends, supporters, and new allies along the way. I don’t believe we entered the race to ‘win’, we entered it to try and make a difference. To see if our voices could land at the table and perhaps represent the many folks we interacted with on the campaign trail. After a few long nights, and some very heartfelt stories, we decided no matter the outcome of the election, we would carry our passion forward and ensure that every single one of the 1000+ votes we each received put their trust in the right place. Along came COAP just a few short months later.

Now, Adrienne and I reach out to the community, listen to the stories, and connect people together. We are on the street, in the fields, down the river, and in the council chambers, pursuing our goal of uplifting the community and ensuring everyone has their voice heard. Our goal is to ensure everyone has their fair shot, we don’t believe anyone should try and make a go of it with a boot on their neck. The more we dig, the more we find varied groups, stakeholders, and individuals who play the game well and ensure the sides are never even. Transparency and accountability are king, we hope to bring this to our community and promote those who are forging forward with an ethical and moral standpoint.

We are grateful for all the support, all the allies, and everyone who stands with our community. Let’s go!